"I found Gretchen after buying a Groupon and I am so very happy I did. Her location is in an office building so she doesn't get much foot traffic. I never would have found here without Groupon. She pays close attention to her work and knows her stuff. I have light hairs and they are slowly fading away, soon no more underarm hairs!!!! I would highly recommend Gretchen, she's professional, very positive and loves educating about the procedures. Don't put this off if you have been contemplating." JL

"Gretchen has been absolutely wonderful. She is extremely knowledgeable about hair removal and gives out good information. Her prices are very reasonable and less than you will pay for most other treatment providers in Boulder or Denver. She works on most weekends which is a huge plus. She is extremely personable and goes to great length to minimize patient discomfort during treatments." Toby S

"I saw Gretchen for several months - always an excellent, professional service that made a huge amount of difference. I recommend highly!" Merry K

"I am not being compensated for this review and Gretchen did not ask me to leave it. Gretchen is a wonderful electrologist. State of the Art technology. Fair pricing. Always on time. Caring about you, your pain levels, your goals. Great conversationalist. Understanding. I really don't know what else a person could want. I'd refer everyone I know to her, but I don't know anyone, so I am leaving this review as a Thanks to her for her wonderful services." Olivia S

"I have been a client of Precision Electrolysis for several months now. I have been thoroughly impressed with my experience. Gretchen is a wonderful electrologist! She is a consummate professional, always running on time and answering my calls promptly. She is warm, considerate and empathetic to my needs. She is very knowledgeable about her craft and works hard to eradicate the hair I want gone. She has a great touch and is always working to make my experience worthwhile and as pain-free as possible! She has always communicated openly about how long the process will actually take, so that I am prepared to stay the course. I travel 50 miles round trip to see her and it is totally worth it! Her prices are also fair and reasonable. If you want a great experience with someone who really knows what they are doing, I highly recommend Gretchen!" HW

"I am writing this review solely as a customer that has used Precision Electrolysis. I have been going to Precision Electrolysis for a few months now. I had previously gone to laser shops and the lasers would not remove my stubborn hair. Gretchen is very knowledgeable about hair and the different cycles that they go through. She has the latest equipment and she does care about each of her patients. Not only to archive the desire that they want, but to also provide the least amount of pain that is possible. Since going to her she has "permanently" removed the hair that I did not want and it is gone for good now. Yaaay!! I have Gretchen doing all my different area's as I will no longer go to anyone else for hair removal. Gretchen has accommodated my schedule many times because of my work hours and she has stayed late for me sometimes because I wanted to have her do more even though our session was over. She has always been on time and ready for me when I show up. Very professional!" Heather L